Choosing a right car seat for your baby

Regulations in many countries require that every car driver to ensure each child aged less than 5 years to be sat on the car seat. Actually, not only because of strict regulations, but definitely sit in the car seat is safe for infants and children.

Put your baby on a car seat specially designed for him can reduce the risk of injury and death due to accidents by 70 percent.

You should refrain from habits that lap your baby in the front seat while sitting & driving the car. It can be risky to make him wedged by your body, bumped into the dashboard, or even fell on the windshield at any time the car stops suddenly, or an accident. On the other hand, a standard safety belt was not the right tool to secure him.

Why Need Special Seats?


Adult seat belts do not fit to wear a toddler who has a much smaller body posture. Therefore, the standard seat belt is not going to protect him at any time the car stops suddenly or suffered concussion. Required seat specially designed for toddlers is needed, that can hold the body in order to minimize injury during a car accident.

Here is a more specific reason why infants need a special chair in your vehicles:

Infants aged 0-1 years.

At birth, the weight of the baby’s head is about a third of the total body weight. It becomes vulnerable because the cranium is not yet fully formed. This resulted in a relatively small shocks can affect the brain. Additionally, ribs and pelvis were also not stable yet able to make baby sits perfectly as an adult.

Children aged 1-5 years.

At this age the process of bone formation is still not perfect until they are 6-7 years old. Special seats are still needed to protect their bones that are not as strong as adults to reduce the risk of slips in the event of an accident. Several types of chairs can be rearranged to suit the height and weight of children.

You can use a special baby car seat (infant car seat) for infants under 1 year old and a special car seat toddler (toddler car seat) for those aged 1 to 4 or 5 years.

Some other important things to note are:

  • Ensure that the car seat is installed properly, not loose or misaligned more than 3 cm. Use the knee to press during installation before the vehicle seat belt fastened. Use the special locking clip so that the seat belt is not shifted to loosen the car seat.
  • The ideal tilt angle and secure during installation of infant-capsule or car seat facing backward is 45 degrees.
  • The baby’s head should be at least 6 cm from the top edge of the car seat to provide maximum protection.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows both lower limbs remain free while the baby is on the baby seat.
  • Car seats are not designed to be a place to sit for a long time. If you do a long trip try to stop or break every 1 hour.

Find suitable car seat for your baby here.

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