Doing sport at home for busy people

Working out at the fitness center or gym could be the right choice. You can consult directly with a fitness expert or a trainer there in addition the sports equipment provided are quite complete,

However, not everyone can spare his time to exercise at the gym. Work or busyness sometimes make someone chooses to exercise at home. Besides to be more comfortable, doing sport at home is chosen by some people because of privacy reason.

Doing exercise regularly is very important to maintain a healthy body. Although your activities is very busy, there is no excuse for not exercising. Your home can be a fun place to exercise with other family members. Here are some sports that you can do at home.

  1. Walking

Walking is not always to be done outdoors. You can also walk at the corridor or yard. You could also try to go up and down stairs in your house.

There are also various exercise machines for walking like example above.

  1. Jumping

Another sport you can practice at home is jumping. You can do basic jumping movement or use jumping rope. Besides convenient and practical, jumping movement is a great cardio workout for warming up. You can use jumping rope cordless skipping rope with calorie counter like this.

So you can estimate how much calorie you burn.

  1. Push Up

Well, this one is also very simple. Although the movements are very simple, push-up variations are actually very diverse. Push-up is one of the sports that you can do at home without the help of tools.

You can also use push up tools for maximal result.

  1. Leg Lift

Leg lifts can also be done at home. This movement is useful to strengthen leg muscles. You can also combine leg lifts with other movements, such as push ups or sit ups.

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Some tools may help you doing this exercise.

  1. Sit Up

One sport that is highly recommended that sit-ups. Sit-up movement is beneficial to strengthen the abdominal muscles. This method is very effective to shape abdominal muscles.

Some equipment are available to help you doing sit up.

  1. Jogging

Who says jogging should be done on the streets or in parks? You can even jog in your house. In fact, you can also do jogging in place while watching TV or listening to music.

  1. Squat

Squat movement is useful for strengthening the leg and back. You can practice the squat movement by standing and sitting on a chair. Perform the movement repeatedly.

  1. Weightlifting

Weight-bearing exercise should not always be done in the gym using dumbbell and barbell. You can take advantage of sophisticated tools that can be found around the house, like a bucket of water or the rest of the bottle unused.

Or use dumbbell set like above.

  1. Dancing

Dancing is the right choice for entertainment at the same exercise. Besides being able to raise the mood, dancing is also useful to increase metabolism.

  1. Going Up & Down Stairs

Another exercise you can try is to go up and down stairs. Although the movement is very simple, the benefits of this exercise are remarkable. If you do this movement to the maximum, going up and down the stairs is very useful to strengthen the muscles and bones of the foot.


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