Symphony DIET35i Mobile Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Cleaner and Humidifier

  • Air cooler, humidifier and purifier patented worldwide
  • Industry airflow for domestic use, high performance
  • Electricity expenditure less than € 1 per day
  • Healthy and clean air very suitable for elderly, infants and children
  • Plug and ready, no facilities.


Symphony DIET35i Mobile Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Cleaner and Humidifier – 35L


Symphony DIET35i is an evaporative air cooler cooling the air by means of evaporation. It humidifies and cleans the air as it cools. When water evaporates into the air, the result is a mixture of air and water molecules. This chemical change requires heat which is taken from the water molecules, resulting in a spot cooling effect, the temperature drop. The air is passed through a special honeycomb cooling pad which expands the evaporation surface and improves the cooling effect while doubling as an air filter. It’s truly the perfect climate for a smart home.

This Symphony DIET35i evaporative coolers must be used in rooms or spaces where is good ventilation or the room will get saturated with humidity and the effect of cooling will stop. Evaporative cooling occurs to every one of us, perspiration is the way our body reduces its temperature by evaporation when we are too hot.

Technical Features:

Symphony DIET 35 with Technology Pure. Performance, style and intelligence are united in the DIET 35i air cooler.

Low eco-friendly running costs

This air cooler model is extremely energy efficient, consuming only 170 watts. It’s ideal for room up to 35m2 (1750m3 / hour). It has convenient remote control with dock and, most importantly, the only Air Cooler / Purifier in the world with high performance cooling pads.

Very slim occupies less space

Its dimensions is 43(L)x36(W)x115(H)cm and Weight – 9.5kgs. Equipped with Castor Wheels for easy transport, this unit is easily transportable.

Quiet cooling

This air cooler also has features: 3 fan speed settings for best balance between maximum cooling and quiet operation. Large and low noise airflow, thanks to its quiet, energy-saving electric motor technology, with a cross-flow fan and large diameter centrifugal fan. It also has ice chamber for improved cooling.

Powerful air throw for a strong cool breeze

The unit has automatic swinging louvers for better air distribution, with three modes of air circulation: H – M – L. Feather touch controls for ease of use 1 to 7 hours timer function.

Water tank indicator

Symphony DIET35i use 35 litres  Water Tank for its storage. It’s equipped alarm function in case lack of water

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