Aironic (TM) 2 Litre Dehumidifier, Mini, Portable, Compact , Mould,Moisture, Kitchen, Bedroom, Caravan, Garage Ideal for small spaces

Draws excess moisture levels from the air creating comfortable environment in any room
Removes up to 600ml of moisture per day, easy to empty collection 2 litre tank, Automatic shut- off when collection tank is full, Led power on and tank full indicators, safe low voltage.
ultra quiet operation, non toxic,lightweight and compact design, environmentally friendly, completely safe. built in carry handle


So simple to operate, just place the dehumidifier in any room affected by damp – such as kitchens, bedrooms, near windows and in caravans – plug in and that’s it. Without the use of chemicals or batteries it uses Peltier technology (no compressor) to quietly suck up to an amazing 600ml of water from the air each day. Plus, the built-in fan blows out warm air to help dry out damp areas even faster. The large water tank constantly monitors the water level and once the maximum capacity is reached it automatically shuts off the power and the ‘full’ LED lights up red. Simply slide out the removable tank, pour away the water, replace and it’s ready to use again. No mess, no fuss, no expensive refills – just plug in and reuse again and again. Compact and portable, the dehumidifier can easily be moved around your home, when required, to keep your entire home fresh and dry. Comes complete with 12v DC power adaptor. The Dehumidifier is compact and removes up to 600 ml per day of moisture making it ideal for small rooms, cupboards, wardrobes and on window sills. The peltier dehumidifier unlike other dehumidifiers is thermoelectric energy Saving using only 65 watts, Low Noise level of only 36db too. 2 litre water tank Removable water tank for easy drainage Automatically switches off when tank is full Voltage: DC12V, AC 100-240V If using DC you need a DC cable (not supplied all in) SMALL ENOUGH TO FIT IN A CUPBOARD OR WARDROBE BUT WILL ALSO SUIT A SMALL ROOM! WELL DESIGNED AND VERY EFFICIENT QUIET AND ERGONOMIC. AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF WHEN FULL, THE WATER LEVEL IS VISIBLE WITH TANK FULLY REMOVABLE. WARM AIR VENT AT TOP FOR DRYING OUT IDEAL FOR SMALL INDOOR AREAS. GOOD FOR DRYING OUT CLOTHES

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