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In order to obtain the certificate of professional QUALIFICATION LESCERTIFICATS Technician of intervention cold, Editor, repair of facilities, transport refrigerated IDCC collective agreement No 1412 that defines that you have the appropriate tools in sufficient quantity to the operations performed and the devices on which you intervenez. the list of the tools is the following, depending on the Decree of the Ministry of the environment and of the industry of 30 June 2008, required category I: .OUTILLAGE Detector Compliant with standard NF EN 14624 Leak Detector: order by microprocessor, with Digital Visual signals PointeEcran tricolore7 sensitivity levels up to offer uneaugmentation 64xCommandes by keyboard tactileRéglage sensitivity réelFonction time of the test voltage pileIndicateur the pileRépond with standards NF EN 14624Détecte all truly Mechanical Ice halogènesPompe offeringan course of the air through the point Wireless Mute détection.Fonction compriseSans, requires 2 x “C” .Mallette compriseCordon Case flexible 14-inch flexible Steel inoxydableDONNÉES TECHNIQUESAlimentation 3VD: 2 alkaline “C” sensitivity: in accordance with standard NF EN 14624Moins 3 g/yr for all réfrigérantsà halogènesLongévité base of the skull of detection: approximately 20 hours to detect ininterrompueTempérature range: 0°C to 52°C (between 30°, 5°F) Battery life: ~30h, normaleFacteur use on: Continuous, no response: limitesTemps InstantanéTemps to: Reset a warming secondeTemps: approximately 2 secondesPoids of the device: 560 grammesDimensions of the device: 22.9 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5cmLongueur of the probe: 35.5 cm-Compliant with standard NF EN 14624 required from July 2009

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