Air Humidifier for Radiators, Air Purifier, Plastic, White

Air damper
With a hook for hanging to heating devices
Provides a nice room climate


Do you have irritated eyes, dry membranes, are allergic or asthmatic? Always in a need of fresh and healthy air? The air damper is a low-cost helper!

Simply fill with tap water, hang on turned-on heater and the moisture will be released in the air. You can now breath in fresh and healthy air only.

The damper is approx. 13 cm wide, 21,5 cm long and 4 cm deep.

The released air is not only good for you, it has a positive effect on your pets, furniture and plants as well. There’s no need of expensive, energy-operated air dampers! ¬†It’s really economical.

The product is equipped with a hook for hanging to heating devices.
Air damper provides a nice room climate for your comfort.


Material: plastic;

Colour: white
Size (W x H x D): approx. 13 x 21,5 x 4 cm

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