Inventor Dehumidifier, Ionizer , Laundry Dryer and Smart Dehumidification

  • Modern Design and Low Energy consumption.
  • Multiple Functions
  • Digital Control Panel


Inventor 20Litre/day 332W Dehumidifier, Ionizer , Laundry Dryer and Smart Dehumidification, Premium for Lower Power Consumption


Are you looking for Premium dehumidifier?

Take a look at the new PR1-ION21LBS dehumidifier from Inventor Premium Series.

It will extract and eliminate all annoying moisture from the air, up to 21L per day, while preventing humidity and fungus. Whether you choose the dehumidifier for removing moisture or to dry your laundry, Inventor’s Premium dehumidifier can handle both while saving energy and it is also backed with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

It is designed to operate quietly and its small size and rotating rolling casters allows for effortless placement.

Digital Control Panel:

The digital display on the control panel indicates the rooms and the desired humidity levels.
With the “-” & “+” buttons the desired humidity level can be set within the range of 35% – 80% using 5% increments, as long as no other functions (Dryer, Cont or SMD) are in operation simultaneously. When the room’s level reaches the desired level, the dehumidifier shuts down to save energy.

The 3L Water Tank has full water protection. When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will stop running to avoid water leakage. The window lets you know the water level with a quick glance.

Do you want to make things even easier?

You can choose the continuous drainage option and never empty the water tank again.

Compressor dehumidifier:

The new defrost technology allows for operation even in colder spaces.
The dehumidifier has error diagnosis and refrigerant leakage detection for higher standards security and optimum performance. 21L/day moisture removal, convenient for larger spaces.

Modern Design and Low Energy

It uses power consumption that stands at only 332W (26.7℃ 60%RH). It has many functions – Ionizer, Smart Dehumidification, Laundry Dryer, Turbo, Timer, Continuous Dehumidification and Auto Restart. Digital Control Panel with room and desired humidity indication. Desired humidity range (35%-85%). 3L Water Tank with full water protection and window indicating the water level.

Technical Features:

  • Smart Dehumidification for lower power consumption and energy savings.
  • Laundry Drier leaves clothes dry and fresh. Turbo gives immediate results.
  • Timer for scheduled operation. Use Continuous Dehumidification for those difficult projects.
  • Auto Restart will automatically resume operation after a power failure.
  • Ionizer provides fresh and healthy air.

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