Inventor EVA II PRO ION 20 Litres/day Dehumidifier, 3-1 Air-Ioniser and Laundry-Dryer Dehumidifier, 2 Years Warranty

  • Compressor dehumidifier
  • Modern Design
  • low Energy consumption
  • Digital Control Panel


Inventor EVA II PRO ION 20 Litres/day Dehumidifier, Ionizer, Laundry Dryer and Smart Dehumidification, for Lower Power Consumption

The Inventor Appliances brings you its new EVA II Series dehumidifier!

It extracts and eliminates unwanted moisture, up to 20L per day, while preventing dampness and mold. Removing moisture or drying your laundry, whatever the case Inventor’s Eva Pro II dehumidifier handles both while being energy efficient at the same time. It is specifically designed to quietly operate. Its compact size and rotating rolling casters will allow easy mobility.

Digital Control Panel

The digital display on the control panel indicates both the area’s humidity and also the desired humidity levels (ranging between 35%-85% at 5% increments), as long as no other functions (Dryer, Cont or Smart) are in operation simultaneously. As an energy efficient dehumidifier when room’s level reaches the set desired level, the dehumidifier will stop operation allowing lower power consumption, while the fan continues to operate for a short time. The 3L Water Tank has full water protection, while the window lets you know the water level with one quick glance.

Want to make things even easier?

Choose the continuous drainage option and never empty the water tank again. This dehumidifier has error diagnosis and refrigerant leakage detection for higher standards in security, and for optimum performance. Standard British home temperatures range from 18c-20c making the dehumidifiers ideal for moisture removal.


  • Ionizer provides fresh healthy air.
  • Smart Dehumidification lower power consumption and energy savings.
  • Laundry Dryer for fresh and dry clothes. Turbo for immediate results.
  • Timer for scheduled operation. Use Continuous Dehumidification for difficult projects.
  • Auto Restart automatically resumes operation after a power failure.

Compressor dehumidifier with 20L/day moisture removal, most convenient for larger spaces. Elegant and modern Design with low Energy consumption. It has functions – Ionizer, Smart Dehumidification, Laundry Dryer, Turbo, Timer, Continuous Dehumidification and Auto Restart.

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