LG 42LF561V 42″ Full HD LED TV


LG 42LF561V 42″ Full HD LED TV



The LG42″ LF561V Full HD TV makes use of the Direct-LED backlighting technology to offer higher precision, superb colour contrast, quicker response time, smoother motion and, importantly, energy savings.

This TV has 2 built-in speakers and uses the Dolby Digital technology with Virtual Surround for an immersive experience to match the splendid visuals. Two HDMI 1.4 ports, a USB 2.0 interface, a SCART port and 2 RF ports will take care of most of your connectivity requirements. With a headphone socket in place, you can keep the entertainment to yourself without interfering into anyone else’s space.

Equipped with the Electronic Program Guide feature, the LF561V ensures you never miss out on any of your favourite shows on your favourite channels. With up to 7 to 14 days of scheduling information availability, you can easily plan and fit in TV viewing into your daily routine.



This 42″ LG television typically uses up to 38W of power which amounts to an yearly energy consumption of 55kWh and puts the TV in the highly energy efficient class A. You can adjust the brightness of the visuals with the backlight control feature. Fitted with the Eco motion sensor, the LF561V is able to adjust the screen brightness according to the speed of the visuals on screen.

In other words, a fast moving scene such as a car zooming past or sportsmen in action will do equally well with reduced brightness levels as compared to an eye-catching landscape visual that will require optimum brightness to bring out the true beauty of the scene. When you are only interested in the audio, simply turn the picture off with the screen-off function to save more power.

The Standby Mode Zero function is another green feature that puts the TV in a state of hibernation with unquestionably zero electricity consumption. So go ahead and experience top-class entertainment without burning a hole in your energy budget. With its smooth and new design, the LG LF561V is sure to become the eye candy of your living room.

LG 42LF561V 42″ Full HD LED TV (Electronics)


  • Full HD 1080p
  • 300 Hz processing rate
  • Tuner: Freeview HD
  • Connectivity: HDMI x 1

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