Sony PSHX500 Turntable Price: £299.00 (as of 19/11/2021 06:05 PST- Details)

  • Vinyl goes portable in High-Resolution Audio
  • Easily rip your vinyl collection
  • Sound technologies for analogue enjoyment


Sony PSHX500 Turntable for playing vinyl and recording in High-Resolution Audio quality


Take breaths your new life into analogue masterpieces with this Direct-Stream Digital (DSD). The Sony PSHX500 captures the very best of old and new technologies by being able to record from vinyl to DSD Hi-Res Audio. it digitally captures analogue in its pure form.

You can easily just connect the PS-HX500 turntable to your PC via USB, play a record, and capture every part of the vinyl with DSD 5.6MHz native conversion. You can convert your valuable vinyl collection into High-Resolution Audio, with file quality up to PCM 192kHz/24-bit or DSD 5.6MHz.

Your stored records now have the potential to sound every bit as good as the finest quality digital audio and then take it out for a walk with your Walkman®, or just sit back and enjoy playing your vinyl originals.

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