Using Air Purifier for your health

Do you often experience sneezing while at home? Do you have respiratory problems and allergies? Or do you often run into interference in the nose or respiratory? Some of these disorders can occur because the air in your house is not clean enough, there is pollution or it could be bacterial. How to resolve the issue? One solution is to buy an air purifier device. Air Purifier is a device that can purify the air in a room / house, with the clear air, residents will no longer experience a respiratory and nose problems. Is air purifier really useful enough for your needs? Just continue reading :).

Impact of Air Pollution on Health

Pollutants have bad effects to health problems, especially respiratory health. Besides that, the increasing number of floating dust in the air can cause irritation to the eyes. And in the long term can lead to heart disease because of the many levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.

In addition to that, the impact of air pollution also affects the environment and ecosystems on Earth. The more warming of the earth’s surface create ozone layer depleting even perforated. This will cause global warming, and the effect we can feel the most is the unpredictable weather changes.

We know, the impact of air pollution is very harmful, including:

  1. Dull skin (because every day exposed to dirt and dust)
  2. Skin elasticity declined sharply
  3. Pneumonia (especially for people who already have problems with the lungs)
  4. Aging
  5. Black spots
  6. Wrinkles
  7. Skin Cancer
  8. Cough
  9. Stress
  10. Easy to get angry

Dealing with Air Pollution

One of the most important functions of the Air Purifier is its ability to get rid of air pollutants such as cigarette smoke, dust, mildew, powder and feathers or droppings pets that exist in the air. Another reason, many people use these machines is to eliminate odour in the room / house that often appears caused by garbage or dirty clothes. Therefore, this machine is really to clean the air and get healthy.

Tip Choosing Air Purifier

  1. The water purifier must be energy efficient, because usually electronic device is operated in a fairly long period of time.
  2. Choose water purifier that does not emit a loud sound so that your activities are not disrupted
  3. Adjust the type of filter with air pollution levels that occur at the home, so as not to waste money more for water purifier to be used.

Air Purifier besides making the air so fresh also prevents disease caused poor air quality, especially in big cities.

Here are some Air purifiers available for you.


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